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Drive Club – is an absolutely new stream aimed for true judges of high-quality club life. The powerful energy and destructive sound strength, modern beats and lively music novelties has already won the hearts of the club visitors.

The Hi-Tech equipment of the highest quality, powerful light and sound, in addition to universality of the placement afford the ground for carrying out any event date, independent of its style and format.

An individual attention is paid to the interior of the club. A dynamic designer's execution gives to the club a very special look.

Drive Club is famous for its amiable service: our personnel are very attentive to the guests’ requests therefore you can always feel a positive climate. Whatever is your disposition when you come, it is certainly good when you leave!

A special attention is paid to the shows, which are compiled considering our guests’ and regular clients’ desires. Also, it should be mentioned the high professionalism of DJs, that can accurately feel the mood of the audience.

Drive Club has the best musical novelties of the entertaining industry, qualitative sound and light, stylish design, exclusive shows and warm atmosphere. The large assortment of a bar and a variety of culinary recipes will surprise even the most particular palate. The management of the club aspires to give our guests only the best.

No need to worry – your rest and comfort are under protection of high-skilled security.

Infoline : 0-69-646464 / 0-79-646464



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