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All our guests are welcomed to visit the luxurious Drive Karaoke, which is equipped with up-to-date audio equipment. The gorgeous interior of Drive Karaoke is performed in consonance with the Drive Club main hall’s design, and will guarantee every visitor a feeling of holiday and comfort, and will sensitize to creativity. The exclusive menu card with a plentiful list of the signature cocktails will also provide You with a burst of creative vitality.

Here You will get:

- Professional sound system,

- Massive projection and plasma screens,

- Professional charming backing vocal,

- Individual voice refinement,

- Wide array of songs choice and its regular updating,

- Recording of solo disc,

- Opportunity to show your vocal skill on a stage,

- Two VIP lounges for special events,

- Exclusive national cuisine,

- Polite and welcoming staff.

Enjoy a wonderful evening with Your friends! Our kind and friendly atmosphere will help You to feel refreshment of your mind and body, and will give you sustained positive energy!We have done our best for You to achieve Your creative potential.

Our Karaoke welcomes a festive and joyful atmosphere, and in order not to put You and Your guests in a bad mood we would like to ask You to check out our rules:

- All our visitors have equal rights

- You can choose and order a composition You like from a song catalogue. Mark down the number of a song on the form which You'll find on the table, and send it by the waiter’s hand to the sound producer.

- The songs are played accordingly to the tables order – two songs for each table, irrespectively of quantity of the guests at the table.

- You should make Your order before the turn begins, otherwise Your turn to sing will be relayed to the next table. If the song is ordered wrongly, then the following song from Your order plays, and in case of its absence the turn is relayed to the next table.

- In case of the club’s property damage, the visitor is obliged to pay all the damages according to the bill.

Any conflict can be adjusted with the Manager. Dear Guests, your feedback is always welcomed and we'll try to do our best to realize your wishes!

Welcome to Drive Karaoke!

Karaoke DRIVE works for You from Friday-Saturday

Doors Open - 22:00

Adress : Maria Cebotari str.,18
Infoline : 0-69-646464 / 0-79-646464



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