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VREMIA I STECLO (live performance)

31 March 2017
VREMIA I STECLO (live performance)

The group "Vremya i steklo" will perform at the club "Drive" this Friday, on March 31st.The group is represented by positive, stylish and young Nadia Dorofeeva and Alexei Zavgorodny, his musician nickname is Positive, what is absolutely fair. The band has two albums, 12 clips and tours in Asia, Europe and North America!The most famous single, which made the guys famous - is "NAME 505", the simple lines and lyrics, for example "Imia liubimoie moio", are firmly entrenched in the listeners' heads, on radio stations and on the first lines of the charts!Each new work of the band is not similar to the previous ones. There are no singles and clips of the same type, artists always make experiments with sounds and images, reveal themselves in different genres and styles. We can hear their songs on the radio stations of Ukraine and the CIS.Now the band " Vremya i steklo " is actively touring and working on new material and continues to realize the most unexpected and creative ideas of its producer Potap.

Friday, 31st, “Vremya i steklo” at the “Drive” club.

Entrance - FC/DC

Ladies: Free

Gentlemen: 200 MDL

Infoline : 0-69-646464 / 0-79-646464



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